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Marjanne Pearson
Katherine Bajor
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CO Architects | Los Angeles Studio

Realizing Creative Inspirations Through Digital Continuity

White Paper by Dassault Systèmes:
“CO Architects focuses on programmatic and engineering requirements to drive artful design solutions, and leverages technology to create innovative, impactful, and lasting architecture.”

Please submit the following materials via email

  • A dated letter of interest, briefly summarizing your background and experience, as well as your objectives in applying for this position. The cover letter or email should include your contact information, including email address.
  • A clear, concise, and current resume with education and professional experience, as well as academic, civic, and professional activities related to digital design, technology, and leadership.
  • Representative samples of your portfolio — no more than five projects, please — submitted in digital format. This should include the name of each project, your role on the project, and the firm for whom you worked.
  • Additional information, such as links to your website, online portfolio, blog, LinkedIn, Instagram, Issuu, Pinterest, or other curated sites if applicable.


  1. Please do not submit your full portfolio, references, or letters of recommendation until requested.
  2. Please label each document to include your name and date.
  3. Any email attachments should be submitted as PDF, JPG, or PNG documents and will not be returned.
  4. If your attachments will exceed 10MB, please use a service such as WeTransfer.

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CO Architects | VORE Virtual Operating Room Experience

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Next Step

We acknowledge receipt of all applications within a two-week period.

We will contact those candidates with whom we would like to move forward. At that time, we will request additional examples of your portfolio, as well as professional references. Please do not submit your full portfolio, references, or letters of recommendation unless requested.


If you should have any questions regarding these criteria or the process for review and selection, please contact us at [email protected]