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Ranked #9 in the 2018 ARCHITECT 50 Top Firms in Design, Trahan Architects is founded on the belief that the mindful design of everyday spaces can elevate human experience and promote peaceful co-existence. They design spaces that respond to the way we live today, working with sensitivity and restraint to create beautiful structures that reflect people’s lives.

Trahan Architects approaches each project as part of a unique ecosystem, guided by their ethos:

  • Their work comes with a responsibility — to their clients, our environment, and our communities.
  • They create spaces that have a strong sense of rootedness — that evokes an atmosphere enhancing how people move and feel.
  • They use tools of artistry — concept, craft, and expression.
  • Articulating ideas through materiality, they see their work as an ongoing process — a collaboration.

Based in New Orleans, Trahan Architects has studios in Chicago and New York City. For more information about the firm, its people, and their work, please visit their website.


Trahan Architects Studio | New Orleans LA

The studio’s shared table encourages open, ongoing conversations, bringing together diverse talent and points-of-view.

Trahan Architects: Practice and People

Founded in 1992 by Trey Trahan, the firm is focused on cultural, educational, assembly, and mixed-use projects throughout the United States and overseas. In addition to having their work published in more than 40 countries, Trahan Architects has won several international design competitions, and has been honored with more than 75 national, regional, and local awards.

Trahan Architects believes that architecture explores possibilities, mobilizing artistry and innovation to develop thoughtful, refined structures that enhance quality of life.

The firm is built on open, ongoing conversation. They value working collectively and credit this process with bringing humility and adaptability to their work. Each member of the Trahan team is an integral part of a collaborative process that enriches their company culture and improves the quality of what they accomplish together.

Trahan Architects is expansive in its talent and commitment. By combining their team’s core talents with the expertise of outside specialists, they extend their knowledge and create opportunities for new experiences and discoveries.

Louisana State Museum
and Sports Hall of Fame

Located in Natchitoches, the oldest settlement in the Louisiana Purchase, and set on the banks of the Cane River Lake, this project is inspired by the riverfront setting, early sustainable practices, and the 17th century bousillage building technique brought to the region by French settlers.

The Museum’s interior reflects the region’s fluvial geomorpology — the transformation of the landscape from centuries of carving by the meandering river. Sculpted from 1,100 unique cast stone panels, the interior seamlessly integrates building systems and serves as a canvas for exhibitions and films.

National AIA Honor Award for Interior Architecture, 2015
International Architecture Award, The Chicago Athenaeum, 2014
ARCHITECT Magazine Annual Design Review Honor Award, 2013
Interior Design Magazine Best of Year Award, 2013
Information, photographs, and graphics courtesy of Trahan Architects.