Celebrating Our Living History

Celebrating Our Living History

We happily spent Women’s History Month celebrating our colleagues who have greatly contributed to the A/E/C industry. They are pioneers — architects, engineers, designers, marketers, managers, and more — leaders and change-makers, as well as activists, mothers, sisters, daughters, and wives.

As writer Erin Spencer shares in The New York Times (In Her Words, March 29, 2021.), “The pandemic, racial reckonings, economic hardship and a next-to-impossible year have made this March particularly fraught.” Her words resonate with us that in spite of such an unprecedented year, we are still facing so many challenges that affect us both personally and as a Nation.

Patrisse Cullors, a founder of the Black Lives Matter movement commented about Women’s History Month, saying “We celebrate despite the obstacles we face.” And, we couldn’t agree more.

We will continue shining our Talentstar Spotlight on remarkable women (and men) throughout the year.

Image: Marjanne Pearson’s pioneering great-grandmother Laura Elizabeth Coons Cutler (front row, middle), grandmother Laura Edith Cutler (back row, second from the right), and her sisters. Salt Lake City, Utah, 1908.

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