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How do you measure success?

Long-term success is dependent on development of a chain of values that links your firm leaders, your employees, and your clients.

Design is the process of translating the possibility of what could be into the reality of what can be done. Strategy is a creative framework for exploring complex and often competing goals and objectives.


In the drive to fuel a firm, it’s easy to forget what’s really important. While many firms focus on quantitative metrics, professional services firms must address qualitative issues to attain real success and sustainability — from vision and leadership to competitive strategy and organizational fluidity.

Design firms need strategies and resources that enhance their culture and brand, enabling them to do their best work with their best clients.

We focus on organizing around intellect — strategies related to talent, leadership, and organization, within the context of competitive advantage — to create fluidity, resiliency, and ultimately, the opportunities that lead to success.

For the past 20 years, working in collaboration with other colleagues, we have developed an integrated approach to the complexities of practice. This informs the work we do at every level, allowing us to understand not only how our clients work, but also how they can reframe the setting for their future.

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The times are a-changing, and we keep trying to stay ahead of the Levitt curve.

In addition to working with our wonderful constellation of clients in the USA and Asia, we continue to think about what’s next. Disruption is all around us, at home and abroad.

The economic climate is reminiscent of 2007-08, when everything was hot-hot-hot — firms couldn’t find enough good people fast enough to deliver the level of services that they had promised. And competition that was already heated became significantly more, well, competitive.

For some of us, it was our fifth recession. Is a sixth coming soon?

Where is your firm in the business cycle? Firms with diversified markets and multiple geographic locations should be recession-proof. Now is a good time to check your roadmap and make sure that you have the right navigational tools in place.

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The Hinge: Talent and Leadership in the Business Cycle by Marjanne Pearson and Nancy Egan, FSMPS

The Hinge: Talent and Leadership in the Business Cycle by Marjanne Pearson and Nancy Egan, FSMPS | Marketer | The Society for Marketing Professional Services | December 2013

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