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We believe that marketing for talent is a never-ending, integrated process, and recruiting is a collaborative activity.

Known for talent strategies within the design field, we bring a creative, integrated perspective to talent-based organizational issues encountered by design practices in a highly competitive environment, with expertise in branding, image and content development, digital marketing, and public relations.


We enable your firm to achieve its strategic goals by extending your talent resource base — not just quantitatively, but qualitatively as well. Options might include recruitment of an individual, or identification of firms for potential merger, acquisition, or alliance partnerships.

How we work:

  • Initiate  Develop position descriptions, search strategy, and qualification process.
  • Outreach  Develop outreach tools — images and written content — including social media strategy, job postings, and promotional collateral.
  • Position  Showcase your firm to build visibility that will enhance talent acquisition strategies moving forward.
  • Engage + Connect  Develop and connect with target lists — people we know or want to know, mapping of competitors, and more.
  • Qualify + Cultivate  Qualify the candidates and manage your relationship with them during the search process.

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What are your criteria for future leaders and owners?

A design firm is an ecosystem based on culture, values, and beliefs, as well as the talent that creates its foundation. The ecosystem depends on effective systems and processes, including a process for development of roles, responsibilities, expectations, and boundaries.

Successful practices not only attract the right people to their firms, but provide opportunities for growth and recognition within the framework of successful performance.

Roles and responsibilities, as well as performance evaluations and incentive compensation, should be linked to carefully crafted feedback programs that incorporate training, coaching, and mentoring.

For most firm leaders, the ultimate goal is to ensure the sustainability of your practice. By understanding the characteristics of the talent who will succeed within your firm, and by creating a pathway for growth and development, you are also creating a mechanism to attain scalability as well as sustainability.

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Our logo was designed by, recommended by our colleague and friend Mike Plotnick. We love the way Derek picked up on our ability to connect the dots for ourselves and our clients.

To create the website, we worked with Atomi — a full-service design and development studio. The founder, Rob Nealan, began working in digital design while pursuing his Bachelor of Architecture degree from Cal Poly (California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo).

Photographs throughout this website were provided by Alan Chimacoff — a long-time colleague, client, and friend. For more information, visit Gallery Notes on our Home Page.

We are also grateful for our wonderful clients and collaborators who have given us permission to share their information and images with you.