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Strategy by Design

What will enable you to do your best work?

Design practices have become complex, collaborative, interoperable platforms that provide creative services for their clients. We bring a creative, dynamic perspective to talent-based organizational issues encountered by design practices in a highly competitive environment.

We are experts at framing critical issues within professional practice, asking the questions that should be on the strategic agenda of every design firm.

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The Business of Design

Transforming visions into action, we champion design professionals who dream of a bold future and face the specific hurdles of innovation and growth.

Our approach blends insightful exploration with cutting-edge strategies and industry expertise to build — not just transform your design business. We align tactics, services, operations, and talent to craft a personalized roadmap for lasting success.

Our Process

The Foundation

We start where every great story does — at the beginning. It’s the script that every other strategy follows.

  • who you are
  • your values, vision, and culture
Business + Enterprise Frameworks

The map and compass for creating your future.

  • align with your purpose
  • steer your operational activities toward territories for growth and sustainability
  • enable clear roles and responsibilities for leadership at all levels
Operational Frameworks

The roadmap for your daily business operations.

  • transforms everyday strategies into actionable realities
  • aligns every move with your overarching goals
Business Expansion Engagement Strategies

Defining your role and how you outshine others with strategies that —

  • position you in the market to own your space
  • reinforce your competitive edge
Practice + Talent Strategy

Where plans meet people, and vision aligns with talent, focusing on —

  • syncing your team’s abilities with your business goals and market strategies
  • creating a harmonious blend of skills
Energy Ecosystem

Empowering you to integrate critical information, systems, networks, and resources.

  • knowledge management, for practice advancement
  • digital tech, including CRMs and ERPs
  • a foundation of principles like ESG and JEDI/DEI

Explore Opportunity

We specialize in connecting our clients with talented candidates for leadership roles.

Our clients are a remarkable constellation of design firms around the world. They are ideas-led and best in class — signature designers, emergent practices, regional powerhouses, and global giants.

If you are seeking new horizons, check out current OPPORTUNITIES with our clients.

If you need help with your job search or career, visit our HELP DESK.

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Sound Advice

Our work as consultants to the design profession demands a broad understanding not only of the complexities of practice, but of the economic, social, and cultural context in which our clients work.

Engaging topics beyond the confines of marketing and management make us wiser and better prepared to answer questions about marketing and management.

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Gallery Notes

The black+white photographs throughout this website are by Alan Chimacoff — architect, architectural educator, photographer, cook, and friend.

An avid photographer since childhood, over the past 15 years — with the maturing of the digital age in photography — he has dedicated himself to the pursuit of “the perfect abstraction.” His subjects are the built world and ephemera, emphasizing cities, buildings, manufactured things and their details, fleeting moments of visual phenomena, and the light and the forces of nature on all.

His work is exhibited online at the Soho Photo Gallery in New York City, a member-artist run organization.

A revered teacher at Cornell and Princeton Universities, his career in education spans 30 years — of which 25 years were full- and part-time at Princeton between 1973 and 2013. He has also held visiting distinguished professorships at Syracuse University and the University of Maryland. He became a principal and Director of Design at Hillier Architecture, headquartered in Princeton NJ, and was then a founding principal of ikon.5 architects, also in Princeton,


Philly Palimpsest

Philly Palimpsest