A Celebration of Marketers

A Celebration of Marketers

In 2014, Nancy Egan, FSMPS, wrote in a feature story about the 40th anniversary of SMPS — The Society for Marketing Professional Services.

“Decades before Seth Godin talked about finding your tribe, an intrepid group, united by their unlikely roles as marketers in professional services firms, came together in a series of meetings that led to the founding of SMPS….

“There were firms that had marketers or BD people….But these firms were the exception. Diane Creel, FSMPS, recalls that when she wrote her master’s thesis on marketing professional services in 1973, she surveyed more than 100 of Engineering News-Record‘s Top 200 firms, and only six companies reported having full-time marketers on staff.

“…Bolstered by research like Creel’s, and with Weld Coxe’s book, Marketing Architectural and Engineering Services in hand, they recognized the potential for a new, legitimate profession, and SMPS became their platform.”

As the coda to our recent stories about Weld Coxe and SMPS, let us all celebrate the tremendous evolution that has occurred within our profession over the past four decades.


Looking Back: SMPS at 40 | SMPS Marketer | August 2014


Enjoy this collection of articles about who, what, where, when, why, and how this happened —

• Looking Back: SMPS at 40 – Nancy Egan, FSMPS

• The Great Debate: What Marketing Really Costs – Liz Quebe, FSMPS

• “From Two-page Newsletter to Award-winning Journal: The Story of Marketer” – Randle Pollock, FSMPS

• The Cusp of Change – Marjanne Pearson and Robert W. Nilsson

• Retired Construction Executive/Marketer/Veteran [Bob Nilsson] Enlists Wounded Vets in New Careers– Pauline Harris


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