Simplicity, Wit, and Good Typography

Simplicity, Wit, and Good Typography

We love everything about architecture and design, and one of our passions is typography. When we heard there was a new font celebrating San Francisco, Marjanne’s home base, we had to include it in our font library.

Fog City Gothic is a project of Fog City Type Foundry, a.k.a. Ben Zotto, a research historian on design, technology, and San Francisco. The font is modeled after the embossed street sign lettering used locally in San Francisco from 1946 into the early 1950s. It’s a friendly and bold mid-century display font that balances a rational stamper shape and the softness of the stamped result. Ben built-out the font as a side research project for a Field Guide to San Francisco street signs.

Until we can see Talentstar in lights, we love seeing it as Fog City Gothic!

We borrowed the title of this post from Michael Bierut, Pentagram. We do not know the quote’s reference, but it works perfectly here.

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